• Role based access control for physical and computer access

  • Capable of 5 year data retention (or more)

  • Secure data in transit and at rest

  • A unique interface design allows you to always see your screen

  • Customize the size and locations of the menu and controls

SCADA-IMPACT™ is an advanced access control system for SCADA facilities that helps ease the administration for some of the complex facilities that many of them are. With everything in the system being identity based, it is easy to see where events are happening and the causes of the events.

With role based security, you are able to quickly identify what a group of users have access to and effectively manage hundreds of users in a little amount of time.

With various add-on capabilities such as sensors and cameras, SCADA-IMPACT™ can adjust to your facility.

The role based access control allows you to set up groups and when a employee is hired, promoted, or any changes are needed, you can simply change what group they belong to in order to grant/deny them access to the appropriate doors.


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